Travel To: San Francisco, CA

The Bay Area will always have a special place in my heart. Having lived there for 4 years, I was able to take advantage of many things the Bay Area has to offer. I recently went back for a weekend, but this time as a tourist! So here are a few travel tips and ideas if you ever get the chance to visit San Francisco!

Golden Gate Bridge & Bay Bridge


The Golden Gate Bridge is a must-see when you travel to San Francisco. There are so many different views of the Golden Gate it can be overwhelming. This picture was taken at the Golden Gate View Point. The view itself is breathtaking since you get a whole visual of the bridge and the San Francisco skyline. But getting to this view can be a struggle if you’re dependent on public transportation. If that’s the case I would recommend taking public transportation to Baker Beach or taking the ferry from the San Francisco Ferry Building to Sausalito. In fact, if you have the time, do both! When the ferry departs from the San Francisco Ferry Building it gives you an amazing view of the Bay Bridge and most of downtown. On the way to Sausalito, the ferry also passes by Alcatraz and the Golden Gate. So if you want to see 3 popular tourist spots without the crowds and lines, I’d definitely suggest taking the ferry!

Lombard Street


This is probably the most popular street in all of San Francisco, which means it’s a very popular destination for tourists. If you happen to have some time and are roaming around the city, this is a good place to go. The BEST way to experience Lombard Street is to rent a Go Car and drive down the street! But don’t think you have to work your plans around to make time for this particular destination.



There are so many surprises in Chinatown! You could easily spend at least 2 hours walking around each store and finding new things. One really interesting thing you can do it visit the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory and take a small tour!

Painted Ladies


Before I moved to the Bay Area I had no idea the Painted Ladies were actually just a row of colorful houses. If you’re a fan of architecture, this is a great place to visit! The whole neighborhood is filled with fascinating houses.

Dolores Park


If you want to see San Francisco as the locals do, then Dolores Park is the way to go. This is a popular place to chill during the weekend for picnics and dog owners. It was by far one of my favorite places to go when I used to live in the Bay Area!

Napa Valley


A lot of people don’t realize how close Napa is to San Francisco. If you have the chance to drive to Napa Valley it’s a great experience! But that also means someone would have to be the designated driver. There are actually car services that’ll drive you and your friends to and back from Napa Valley! Like this everyone can enjoy the wine!

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if these tips work for you, and any suggestions you might have!

○ peace, love, & obnpt ○


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