Why I Don’t Let My Fear of Flying Stop Me From Traveling

I travel quite a lot. If I’m not on an hour long flight it’s probably because I’m on an 8 hour flight. And believe me this is, in no way, me bragging. Go back to that 2nd sentence and reread it in a voice filled with absolute terror, because that’s how I typed it.

I don’t know where it came from but as I got older, traveling by plane became harder for me. You’d think  having actually taken a college course in physics I’d be comfortable flying since I know how it works. WRONG. Somehow I was better off assuming planes worked because of magic.

So why do I keep putting myself into this situation when I’m fully aware of how uncomfortable flying makes me? Because I know how happy I’ll be once I’ve traveled and explored somewhere new! Also because I only remember about my fear of flying after I’ve bought the tickets…

Once I’m on the plane, I resort to my top 2 flight jitters solutions:

  1. tons of snacks;
  2. enough movies/tv to keep me distracted for the entire flight.

So shout-out to my fellow scaredy-cat travelers out there who tough it out! Let me know if you have any tips on how to overcome flight jitters, I’d definitely appreciate some.

○ peace, love, & obnpt ○


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